WI Youth Voter Outreach Program

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The week of May 22nd will become "Wisconsin Registration Week"

This is a non-partisan event. We do not, and will not, tell people who to vote for. All we ask is that they vote!

The WPA, Indivisible, FAWN and NUMEROUS other progressive groups, across Wisconsin, are working hard to turn around our state's dismal voter turnout. Through education, collaboration and action, we have come up with the Youth Voter Education/Registration Program. We will be reaching out to local high schools and colleges to inform young voters of their rights, and duties, as voters. Leading up to registration week, we will providing these areas with materials pertaining to Voter ID laws, the importance of voting and what they can do to help in the future.

All files and information regarding the Youth Voter Outreach Program can be found here.

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Update Information

A sign up sheet has been added to the Google Drive folder. Please utilize this sheet so we are able to keep track of which areas are being covered, and when. If we can get enough areas covered we will be able to push this out to state-wide media, which is our goal!